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This is what today looked like for me

First up was the listing of my newest favorite, a sterling plated beauty with vintage rhinestones and spectacular found ancient Roman glass! The piece is available for purchase HeRe.


Then came a trip to my favorite spot in the region, Falls Creek Falls with my ‘big sis’ and band member of my favorite local band, SwanSovereign – Lara.


The hike was amazing as always and the water cleaned out all the bad and added in a little special juju that should get me through my busy work day tomorrow.
I just arrived home and listed another gorgeous piece inspired by one of my favorite states, Montana. The piece has a vintage copper clover Montana medallion and is accented with royal blue lapis cube gemstones. It is available for purchase HeRe.



You shoot me down, but I won’t fall

Whompwhomp! titanium! These three beauties are all available in my etsy shop right now, a little gorgeous reflective, prismatic liquid metal for your neck and ears. I love working with titanium coated quartz and chalcedony. It seems as though there is a story and mystery locked inside each one.


Shall I wow you now?

Summertime, summertime sadness. the sun is getting to me folks. I have not been hiking nearly as much and I think that city summer sun is really getting me down. The plus side? I’ve been holed up and cranking out loads of new inspiring pieces. Here are just a few of my recent favorites to dazzle your eyeholes. (Check out those caged elephant earrings!) If any strike your fancy – head on over to my etsy shop and pick yourself up something gorgeous. Use the code zacklovesyou for a 25% discount!






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