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Fresh beauties from these hands and this brain

Gotta love this mid summer burst of creativity. This week’s notable contributions to my website include a cat painting inspired by Tamara de Lempicka, a re-purposed dresser handle pendant, vintage cloisonné tassel earrings and more. All can be found, as always – in my etsystore. Get yourself some pretty and give yourself a discount with the code: zacklovesyou




My Super Sale is back and taking aim at Renewal

My Super Sale is back and taking aim at Renewal

Take half off with the code: THEWIND now through Friday. Sale excludes all painted items. As a bonus – when you take part in the sale you are automatically entered for a chance to win a custom unicorn painting!

Loowit Falls: The Place, The Magic and the Necklace

This last weekend was my best for quite some time. My boyfriend and I went to Windy Ridge and Loowit Falls on top of Mount St Helens. Everything I read in my hiking books and online suggested that it would be a difficult experience. The hike is said to be an almost 12 mile loop through mostly devastated terrain at a high elevation and in full sunlight. While the hike was a little long it was also relatively flat with an amazing breeze. I did get a tank top shaped burn, but seeing the plains, springs, Loowit falls and life returning to a beautiful mountaintop inspired me in ways I could barely even imagine. As we descended from the falls an idea popped into my head for a new necklace. The colors around Loowit Falls reminded me so much of the vintage brass and rustic silver tones in a lot of the jewelry I create. I thought that pairing the two in a cascading waterfall necklace packed full of crystal quartz and moonstone and Herkimer diamonds would echo the images burned into my mind of glorious Loowit. And…Here it is:






You can see this little beauty in my ETSY shop and you can see more of my adventuring pictures on my Facebook page and in the Pacific Northwest Daydreams folder.


Winding Down Whilst Putting the Pedal to the Medal

As summer winds down I find myself going on these glorious hikes, but only thinking: “Oh God…this is going to end soon,” instead of just enjoying the moment. This is a lesson that I find myself learning over and over again as the years pass. BE IN THE MOMENT ZACHARY, BE IN THE MOMENT. 

So this is me, being in the moment and sharing the glory that was my last 2 weeks as well as some of my favorites from the last ten days. Enjoy. If you love something you see and find yourself unable to live without it, please click below the image on the link provided to purchase.



This is Crabtree Lake. The hike was just shy of 3 miles each way, but it begins with a steady descent…which means Hell for the trip back. We saw no other cars and no other humans for miles and miles, so the hike was bliss and also slightly creepy, especially when we reached this lake as it was filled with slow-moving brown salamanders. FILLED. I went to the lake because scientists say that some of the oldest trees in Oregon reside here in this valley that is shielded from the really harsh elements. Two of these trees are even named. (King tut and Nefertiti)Image


My favorite part of this hike and of this particular weekend was a cliff that I discovered just west of the lake with an amazing view of the rest of the valley, wetlands and hills beyond.


I started creating the beauty above soon after my return from the Crabtree Lake hike. I call it “The Glory Before the Fall” as it reminds me of the Trojan horse. It is packed full of draping gold plated chains, fresh water pearls, pyrite and a glorious gold titanium druzy agate at its center. Click on the title for a full detailed description of the piece.

ImageThis is me – blissed out and relaxing on top of a cliff at the first pool that Hole in the Wall Falls creates. This waterfall is in the Starvation Creek Hike trail area and was my favorite part of the hike. I will be returning here, no question.


ImageThese two pieces came together quickly for me after re-energizing on the Starvation Creek hike. The first is a “hybrid” gemstone of sorts. An Oregon Sunstone and a Genuine Moonstone are bound together with a rustic silver plated bail and silver plated chain. It measures an adjustable 17-18 inches in length. Go check out “Ascend” in my online shop.

The 2nd piece is a pair of gorgeous copper earrings with Citrine and Oxidized triangle charms. I am obsessed with all things triangular. Though these earrings are delicate and simple I feel that the visual impact really knocks your socks off. Go get “To Infinity”

I’ll close with what became of my Sunday. My boyfriend/future husband and I went on yet another hike, but this time in the Coastal Range moutains. While these are beautiful I have been spoiled this year with truly breath-taking hikes in Mt. Rainier, St. Helens and the Opal Creek wilderness, so I find hiking through woods just to look at woods a bit boring now. So after a mile we threw in the towel and opted for some wine at Tualatin Estate Vineyards. Best Sunday choice possible. Here’s a shot from the deck we dined and drank on. Have a wonderful week.






The Latest, The Greatest, The Inspired Summer continues…

So so very much packed into just the last few months. Here are some of the latest creations for this lovely Friday afternoon and some of the places I’ve explored to bring me more and more and more inspiration. My spirit? Lifted.

ImageSpirit Lake – a lake raised up and devastated by the St. Helens eruption in 1980. It lives again, but with a floating scar of what was. My favorite spot I have witnessed since moving to the fair Northwest.


Lemon Quartz faceted cube earrings – truly unique with gold filled chain. Lemon Quartz is the stone of optimism, well being and creativity.


Dolly Washington aka The Love Child. – vintage gold plated pearl chain and white enamel chain draping necklace. Available on sale on the ZP Etsy Site.


That would be me wading in the hypothermia inducing waters of Eunice Lake under Tolmie pass in the Mt. Rainier wilderness. I had the good fortune of exploring the area with one of my closest, longest standing friends, Allyson. We had the bad fortune of flat tires, sub par Thai food afterwards and bug bites from Hell. But the memory lives on as golden.


Sky, Blue and Black – gray titanium coated quartz triple shard necklace with rustic silver plated chain. Available RIGHT NOW on Etsy.


A ‘Fresh Start’ crazy cool silver plated art deco chain earrings with moss quartz. Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings. Refreshes the soul and enables you to see beauty in all you behold. Moss Agate reduces sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants. It attracts abundance in wealth and improves self-esteem. Develops strength and the ability to get along with others. Inspires new ideals after periods of stagnation. Moss Agate promotes self-expression and communication. Balances the emotions, releasing fear and stress. Encourages trust and hope. It eliminates depression caused by brain imbalances.

And lastly, one more photo of Eunice lake – truly a wonder to behold. Have a wonderful weekend. -Zachary


Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac & Gold Dust Dreams

I had the good fortune of attending Fleetwood Mac last night here in Portland, OR. Blown away. It was like therapy. I cried during  “Sara” and ”Landslide,” thinking about my parents, their end and saying goodbye to my father. In a surprise twist “Tusk” was my favorite of the evening. The visuals for the whole night were simple, but gorgeous and spot on and this showed the most during the performance of Tusk. I was mesmerized and inspired. Three things that I took away from the show:

1) Growing old isn’t real

2) There is always time for a second, third, fourth act…

3) I love Lindsey almost as much as Stevie. almost. His guitar playing skills are inspiring.


“Gold Dust Woman,” as always, felt like a total trip. Stevie wore an amazing metallic scarf/wrap that she covered herself with, spun around, trailing it behind her. At one point I swore she was going to give it to someone in the front row and I saw RED…but she was just bowing. During the entire show I felt the pull to come home and create…and I did. This beauty flew right out of my mind and hands and came to life quite easily. I wanted to create something that reminded me of that amazing wrap and that haunting song.
The necklace is made with vintage shimmering gold plated chains, vintage crystals and gemstones like citrine and pyrite. It measures 18” and the clasp is built into the chain (3rd pic) The chains drape down from the collar bone to cover a bit of the breast plate.


Nature’s Xanax – Distressed Flourite Octahedron Pendant now in the ZP Etsy shop

Nature's Xanax - Distressed Flourite Octahedron Pendant now in the ZP Etsy shop

Why pop pills? Calm those nerves and your ‘all over the place’ energy with this powerful flourite gemstone. Flourite is said to help center you and to eliminate nervous energy and anxiety. I feel these capabilities are further heightened by the mystical shape of the octahedron. I love all things pyramid and triangle and here we have a sort of mirror reflected pyramid. Glorious.

Fare thee well May. Up Next: My Birthday Month! woot. woot.

I always get most creative during the Gemini/Cancer cycle, so I am really looking forward to the next 2 months. Also because smack dab in the middle of this is my birthday!!! Stay tuned for some glorious nature photos and testimonials as well as some fresh paintings. I’m working on a watercolor & acrylic Hawker’s jay as I write this. 


And for now: My mid to late week offerings. Click on the name of each piece to purchase.


(clockwise from top left) LATE for the SKYPrincess of AlexandriaAt the GUMBALL MachineInto the VortexMafia SweetheartBACK in the DayPrimitive RAIN …Go get ‘em before someone else does. -Zachary Pryor on Etsy-

My latest creative outburst for 5/28

I just shared this little photo collage on my facebook timeline, but here it is again complete with links and descriptions/inspirations.


[clockwise from top left - Selenite Wand necklace, Layered heart charm necklace, Brass & Labradorite Lg. Eagle charm pendant, Fine Peridot deco earrings and Sterling Tundra Sapphire bar necklace]

I made my first Selenite wand necklace on a trip that I was worried about. I felt I really needed protection and I read that Selenite can help us connect to the other side and our departed loved ones. I have a close tie with my own guardian angel, my Grandma. I wore it throughout the entire trip and she really helped make it successful and safe. The 2nd piece in today’s collection is a layered heart charm necklace – The piece has been going through an evolution for months and I feel comfortable with its look now. The Labradorite eagle pendant is made to be unisex, but I fully know a woman will buy it immediately. Every time I make something I feel is just right for men a cool woman will snatch it up for herself right away. The peridot earrings at bottom center are pretty straight-forward and the final piece is my favorite. Sterling silver cable chain is adorned with multi-color Tundra Sapphire briolettes and micro faceted mini pyrite beads.


As mentioned yesterday, I have a sale running right now in my Etsy shop. Everything (including the products featured here today) are half off with coupon code: SUMMERLOVE from now through this Thursday.

the Return – Zachary Pryor: home for the summer and looking forward to sun, the outdoors and massive creative outpourings

I just had an incredibly stressful trip – 4 cities in under 2 weeks, all in an attempt to stock up my stores and satisfy the demands of customers that like to see me in person to pick out their newest jewels. It was a little too much for me – perhaps because I’ve become very content here in the Pacific northwest. Having every glory of nature at my fingertips is just too much of a pull for me, so my travel plans for the summer are on hold.

As someone who is always looking forward to that next trip and daydreaming about greener pastures I am extremely excited to be happy to be home and happy with what I have. Rejoice! Adulthood has finally arrived. Celebrating with another half off sale. Your coupon code is: SUMMERLOVE

The minimum original purchase price must reach $40 and the sale ends Thursday morning.

go get yourself some of your own contentment with my newest collection.

Here are a few of my favorites, including a sterling Angelite beauty and a fine gold filled earring and necklace set with genuine emeralds. 


My current favorite in stock Available in the Zachary Pryor etsy shop.

a Last Glance, a Last Chance

This little sale I’ve been running this week has had my head spinning with excitement. Reached out to some new people, some old and really cranked out a record-breaking amount of jewels for my stockpile. I’m adding quite a few of these new pieces to my Etsy site today and they WILL be part of my Half off sale. The 50% off sale ends today -or early Sunday morning, so take another peak and take advantage of the great deal. The code to get you this huge discount is: butofcourse

Now go grab yourself some happy. and be sure to read some of the descriptions. xo


Pictured in the collage above is me and my best friend, Romina (at center) “Strength and understanding” (bottom left) sweetness and light” SOLD (top left) “The Trickster” (bottom right) and “Wonder in the Sky” (top right) Click on any of the names to take you directly to the item.

Brighter Days are ahead > the signs are clear

Things have been steadily looking up for some time now. Even my upstairs neighbor and I have finally talked to each other and actually bonded. (She bought me a Stumptown coffee card after her little dog attacked me.  I thought it quite the gift and wished for more dog attacks) 

On an even brighter note – it appears that I am going to Italy for my first time this July. I’ll be doing little promotions here and there to boost sales to help me reach my dream goals. This month is a whopper. 50% off with coupon code: butofcourse

Simply enter that code when checking out on Etsy and you’ll get your half off discount.



The wonderful jewels pictured above can all be found on the Zachary Pryor etsy page. Clockwise starting from the bottom left they are: Caged Unicorn Carousel earrings, Possibilities, heathen, sweet summertime and Thunderbird. You can see all of my favorite beauties and many more on the official Zachary Pryor Etsy page. Go give it a look-see

EtsyCouponCode – The Largest online Etsy coupons database.

EtsyCouponCode – The Largest online Etsy coupons database..



half off in the glorious ZP Etsy shop

with coupon code INTHEWIND for the next 48 hours.

Thank You cards are ready

I can get a little creepy with my vintage collaged and stamped thank you notes. I send the PG ones to those customers I don’t know well, but my regulars get cards much like these:




Order some jewels and painted wares by zp now and get yourself one.

Back in the Swing of Things (Loving Online)

I’m really feeling the love for Etsy this spring. Though I never hear from them like I do some of my other online platforms, I have been with them for years and my sales are finally inching me away from having to wholesale at all. Which is fantastic as keeping up with stores all over the country is a huge pain in my behind. If you are new to the world of Zachary Pryor go ahead and take a second to peek at my etsy shop at your leisure. And take advantage of a little ‘friend’ discount with coupon code: KYRALEIGH  – It will get you 15% off.

I made a little photo collage of my favorite and newest items available now calling upon my graphic design background. Thought it looked *smart so here it is:

ImageSome other important links:

Official Site (update coming in three weeks!)

Copious Site

Threadflip Closet

Upcoming blog entries:

Summer Trends

new style sheets and music for some of my favorite musicians

Playlists paired with Jewels

Memories, Souvenirs and Inner Pride


Little William is Trouble. [get it on Etsy]

This glorious vintage ornate golden locket comes with a blue cabochon on the outside and a vintage creepy little boy’s photo on the inside. You can obviously add your own photo, but I really enjoyed the photo that is already there. It hangs on a fine vintage gold plated curb chain with etched golden metal bead acccents. The chain is 30” long, but can be hooked on one of the bead accents to make it shorter.



Flying, So High {get it on etsy}

Little swallows in a cradle of brass link chain with a long chain adorned with a micro faceted light blue chalcedony droplet. They say that chalcedony is told to help one rid themselves of unwanted things in one’s life. It also aids in avoiding messy emotional involvements that can cause distress. So there you have it. Fly High.


Rose City Hisses [get it on Etsy]

A couple years ago when I first got to Portland I was invited to a little backyard drinking at a new friend’s house just a couple miles from my apartment. It was a great day so I decided to walk. On the walk I passed by the Rose City Golf Course on Tillamook. From across the street I could see a raccoon scaling the chain link fence that surrounded the course. He high-tailed it across the street, got all the way to my feet-just a foot or two away from me. He looked up, hissed, ran back across the street, over the fence and back onto the golf course. And that was the day I found out what my spirit animal is.
This gorgeous simple little woodland goddess necklace comes complete with rustic vintage silver plated chain, a lobster clasp, hammered silver charm, a faceted ring cut peridot gemstone and an ethically harvested raccoon tooth. It measures 18” long.



From Versailles with Love {get it on Etsy}

This reminded me of my days in French class – dreaming about spending the weekend visiting Versailles. When I finally did make it to France some major drama went down and we had to come back to the Stated early, so I never did get to go to Versailles. (heavy sigh)

The vintage ornate gold plate is draped in vintage gold plated curb chain with a large pink opal droplet. Above it hangs a section of chain made from re-purposed spring rings, (a Zachary Pryor signature move) A smaller pink opal droplet hangs from this chain as well. The rest of the chain has etched gold beaded accents, a medium sized lobster claw clasp and fine gold plated curb chain. The shortest portion of the necklace measures 18” and the longest is 24”


Those are some favorites from this day of creativity. It has been an incredibly productive week thus far. I hope you enjoy the work and the inspiration and story behind each piece. A little peak into the artist’s mind is always good, right? most times…




Mountain Air Brings New Inspirations

Kelvin Kay, user:kkmd Category:Columbia River ...

Kelvin Kay, user:kkmd Category:Columbia River Gorge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This weekend I had the good fortune of climbing Mt. Hamilton on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge. Though my legs are still screaming at my out of shape ass – I returned home ready to attack my jewelry and painting career with new vigor.


Here’s some photos of the summit, some of my favorite goodies inspired by the hike and a coupon code for my etsy shop “LOVEYOU” gets you 20% off. Go ahead and get to browsing!


Zachary Pryor Etsy Shop




The View from up above




Easy Stride – purchase here.




“Little William is Trouble” – purchase here




Honor & Power – She-Ra earrings – available here.




“Caroline & Klaus” -purchase me here! (inspired by the Vampire Diaries)


Mad Love for the X-Men – Rogue, Storm & Psylocke through the Ages

Dazzler is on her way, but for now feast on three of the hottest comic book women to ever grace the fantasies of geeky fan-boys and girls everywhere. I’ve painted them in classic and modern garb – except for storm. (she gets her hot looks from the 70s-80s)

All are available in my Etsy Store …and soon on my official site.


ImagePsylocke is available for purchase here




Rogue – Through the Ages is available here.




Storm – Through the Ages is available here.



Let me know what you think. xo 




A Surge in the Painting Department…

January is more often than not – my most inspired month. This month has found me painting all of my favorite childhood heroes like Storm of the X-Men, Jem and She-Ra, Dogs in Victorian garb and Birds in Love. You can see all of these and many more in my Etsy shop – newly expanded. Click Here.

and to spread the love around, I’ve added a new coupon code for those who come across the blog. Simply enter coupon code ”LOVEYOU” when checking out for a 20% off bonus!



My modernized take on Jem & the Holograms




80s Ladies – Jem, Shortcake, Rainbow Brite & She-Ra




Storm, Through the Ages  (my favorite pair I’ve ever made)



Lady Olive Barkington III – victorian chihuahua painting on cedar


Wonderwoman, I Love You Night & Day

Zachary’s Cyber Monday sale



boys and girls – go snatch up some goodies on zp’s Etsy site, at 20% off all day Sunday and Monday (11/25-26) with coupon code HOLIDAY. Also you receive a free gift with purchase on the artist’s Copious site…all for you this Cyber Monday.

A Fruitful Autumn for Zachary Pryor jewels

I have had the good fortune of gaining 6 new shops this month, all with owners that are quickly becoming very dear friends…


Click on the store name to go to their shops.

White Rabbit Vintage (Portland) I’m a customer here….and honored to be bringing some sparkle to the shop filled with vintage furniture and wares.

Meat Market (Brooklyn) amazing vintage, records and me…all in BedStuy

Rebelles (Portland) Tausha is a serious bad-ass…from New Orleans with a background in perfuming. She’ll make you a custom fragrance (I now have 2) while you look over local art, vintage finds, salves, jewels and clothing.

Alex & Afton (Denton, TX) My sister from another mother (perhaps Stevie Nicks) with a keen eye and an attitude & wit sharper than a ginsu

Muse Studio Vintage (Ardmore, Oklahoma) – 3 truly fashion-forward beauties run this shop with amazing vintage finds and even better photo styling! Check them out.

Resurrect (Oakland, CA) Vintage and Local clothing/jewels for the Oakland folks who know why there’s glory in the East Bay.



Welcome Fall 50% Off SALE in ZP etsy store

Ermahgerd!  Super Sale in my etsy shop, chock full of hand painted wares (earrings, cuffs, paintings) and even some of my special repurposed jewelry creations. This sale is a one time thing and only last from September 21st-23rd, so grab it while it’s hot and burn your little fingers.

Coupon code: ermahgerd





August Promo on my Etsy Site

August is a time that typically slows down a smidge for me. To combat that I’m offering a 20% off coupon in my Etsy shop for those of you who love my painted pieces. I’ve even started working in some of my favorite vintage repurposed baubles.
Oh, you want the code?


Just enter that in my ETSYSTORE upon check out to receive your 20% off.





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