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Honoring Icons for Black History Month, Week 2

My month of honoring heroes and icons for Black History Month continues with some more notable black men and women. I am donating a portion of the proceeds at the end of the month to Bennett College, an all women’s HBCU in South Carolina. I am also going to try to set aside a little for The University of the Virgin Islands as they recently announced they would the first HBCU to offer free tuition! And if you see this post from today (Friday the 15th to Sunday the 17th) everything in the shop is 30% off!

FEB 8TH – Of all the chanteuses I paint I have to say that Nina Simone is my most beloved.

FEB 9TH – I have always liked Serena Williams, but last year my admiration went to fever pitch. She recovered from giving birth and returned to the game right at the top, had her catsuit banned at the French Open which I found ridiculous and then showed up in a black tutu. Genius. And she looked amazing the whole time, so I honored that time period here in these.

FEB 10TH – Inspired by Into the Spiderverse here we have Miles Morales!

FEB 11TH – Soulful and tender Marvin Gaye

FEB 12TH – This gorgeous, talented woman endured years of hell to become the Icon so many adore and look up to. The glorious, natural wonder – Etta James!

FEB 13TH – Ruby & Louisa – These beauties were brewing around in my head for some time and I’m happy to share them in honor of black history month. One earring features Ruby Bridges escorted from school after desegregation in New Orleans in 1960 and the other is a little more controversial. One source credits the woman as Louisa Jenkins – 1967, but that is not confirmed. I loved the image since it went viral on Twitter and I like to imagine her as a grown up version of Ruby, not bothered by police harassment, standing strong because of everything she has seen and lived through.

FEB 14TH US Representative and Civil Rights Icon John Lewis


Honoring Icons for Black History Month, Week 1

Last year I spent all of February creating pieces inspired by African American heroes and pop culture icons. This year I continue this tradition, but step it up a bit by making a new piece every day!

Last year’s creations available at and

Now that week one has officially come to a close, I can share them all with you.


Feb 1

Whoppi as Guinan and Deloris


Feb 2

Tina Turner as Auntie Entity and Private Dancer


Feb 3

DOROTHY DANDRIDGE and Harry Belafonte


Feb 4

Josephine Baker

Feb 5

Colin Kaepernick

Feb 6

Grace Jones as Zula in Conan the Destroyer

Feb 7


Check back next week for another update on the next 7 honorees!