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>The Leopard Woman.


Several years ago while living in San Francisco I came across an African Folk Tale of the Leopard Woman. Instantly fascinated, I set about to paint her in all her glory. (this painting still adorns my wall ten years later and is posted along with the necklace that was also inspired by the tale.

The story goes that a young couple and their newborn were stranded in the plains and were sure to starve. The man asked that his woman hunt for them. She turns into a leopard. He swiftly drops the baby and scampers up a nearby tree, fearing for his life. She bares her teeth, threatening the babe…He frets and cries. She turns away, kills a gazelle and comes back to drop it at his feet, saying “Let that be a lesson to you the next time you ask me to do a man’s work.”

Always loved that tale of a really powerful woman. Several variations of this necklace have been made. The one pictured is owned by Liz, another has yellow coral with mustard and gold chains and is owned by my friend Page. Both are extremely strong woman, their power not to be taken lightly.

You should get one as well.


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