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The Gullfoss Beauty

The Dettifoss in Iceland on 31 Jul 1972. Pictu...

Image via Wikipedia

Named after the famed Gullfoss in Iceland. (Golden Falls)

I’ve always been fascinated by Iceland. The topography, the history, the global position and the fact that they really pioneered women’s rights. Vigdis Finnbogadottir was the first female president elect in the world and was immensely popular for her 16 years in office. Icelandic women also had something called the “Red Stocking Movement,” a day in the 70’s when all women across Iceland took the day off from work and from the home. The country completely shut down and equal pay was instated.

I make jewelry primarily for women and really do enjoy hearing about how it empowers them, or at least makes them feel special for a bit. So that fact, and the link this piece has with women’s rights in Iceland makes it like a piece of armor. Wear it with pride into battle, or out on the town.  purchase here.


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