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>Talaya’s Rain


Talaya is a Canaanite Rain-Goddess, the dew or rain personified. Her full name is Talaya bat Rab, “Dew, Daughter of Rain”, and Her sisters are Aretsaya, Goddess of the Earth, and Pidraya, Goddess of Light or Lightning. The land of Canaan, sandwiched between the mountains and the coast, was not desert as were the inland areas, but due to the combination of moist air blowing off the sea and sudden high mountains, was blessed with regular rainfall. In winter this amounted to heavy storms; and in summer the moisture fell as dew of a peculiarly heavy kind, much like a fine drizzle.

Made this beauty with a ton of vintage finds, charms, beads, many varities of silver, brass and gold link and snake chains. You can buy it here.


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