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Welcome to Zachary Pryor’s world.

a collection of some of my favorite work

In my new blog I will be focusing on the creative world I exist in and the paintings, illustrations and jewelry that I make every single day.  I will also be exploring some of my favorite work in the fashion and art worlds, past and present.

A secondary focus for me will be on the concept of creating things in an ethical manner with little impact on the environment.  I just came across a wonderful article featuring metalsmith Gabriel Craig and Christina Miller and the work they do in the ethical jewelry making/teaching world.  This is the first I’ve really looked into the practice that I myself want to take part in.  70% of my jewelry is created from recycled materials that I come across in yard sales, flea markets, estate sales and even the bottom of some of my friend’s jewelry boxes. The other 30% comes from jewelry stores in San Francisco, LA, New York and Japan and I am sure that most of these stores are getting their metal supplies from mines that damage the environment and strip the earth of precious resources.  I would really like to change the way I do things and perhaps even encourage some of my peers to do the same.  I spend so much of my times worrying about the sustainability of the food I put into my body, the hot water I use, the trash I throw away, ect….but how much time do I really think about what impact my jewelry making is having on the world around me?

More to come soon!  Stay tuned…


2 responses

  1. Lizzie Bennet

    the “impact” of all that you do gives people the chance and pleasure to wear something you created and your brushstrokes create eye candy and the marvelous ability to move the viewer in different ways.

    March 15, 2011 at 4:42 pm

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