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and from my painting world I give you…Beauty Within

The gorgeous piece below was created recently during my stay in Portland and was inspired after viewing “A Murder of Crows,” a PBS documentary about the most amazing bird on our planet.  (I would not have said that prior to viewing this spectacular documentary) You can watch it here…streaming from PBS.


"the beauty within"

~SPOILER ALERT~  scroll down to next paragraph should you not want to ruin your fun.

Highlights from the documentary include learning that a species of crow can actually think 3 steps ahead and use tools.  Also we learn that crows can remember faces, have an extremely complex dialogue system, mourn the passing of other crows by gathering around the fallen and observing a moment of silence and they also stick close to all of their offspring for life.  amazing.


In this piece we have a coy looking crow, a bit sexy, a bit devious…with peacock feathers. (a literal translation of the beauty locked within this magnificent bird)  You can purchase him in my etsy painting shop if you are interested.



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