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Styling for a new favorite…Garçon Garçon

Nathan Mahon and Nick Tsirimokos, two of the hottest boys I’ve seen for a minute are Garçon Garçon, a synth-pop duo out of  Sydney.  Check out the cute promo video on their site. Their 3 available songs are in heavy rotation in my workspace right now as I churn out some painted pieces. And I can’t wait for their EP to drop…keep an eye and ear out!


“Combining new wave synths with a unique ’80s feeel and a dash of blatant pop, Garçon Garçon write intelligent songs with catchy hooks. Coming from different musical worlds of classical and punk rock, the duo conjure a sound as complex as it is podium busting.

The pair recently made a splash in the fashion industry, with Australian icon Peter Morrissey using GG’s unreleased track, ‘Do it right’, to launch his acclaimed new collection during Sydney Fashion Week, gaining them international coverage.

Garçon Garçon are currently at Studio 301 recording their debut EP, due out 2011. They say it will “showcase both sweaty club anthems and sleazy electro pop treats – LA, Hollywood, hot summer nights, convertibles, the sunset strip”. To support this release, the boys have scheduled their first overseas dates for June 2011, heading over to Europe for the Summer.


Nathan and Nick both have a pretty great sense of style and aren’t at all afraid of color (something I really need here in New York after seeing winter blacks and greys everywhere for the last several months)  BUT…they need some more jewels!  I’ve styled each of them with some pieces from Zachary Pryor past and present and think I may just get ahold of them to see if they’d like to rock these pieces.

painted cuffs and the bullet pendant from Zachary Pryor

Putting together some pieces for Nathan was easy.  He’s fresh, clean, simple and has what I call a “skateboarder sheik” look.  The bullet pendant is very wearable for any fashion forward man or woman and is available for sale here.  I also included some of my painted cuffs because they work so well with his style AND I see him photographed in vibrant colors often. All of my painted cuffs are available here. Pictured above is “Stripper Ella,” “the Bitter Elk” and “Psycho Panda.”

Nick Tsirimokos has a much grittier style. He still wears colors boldly and doesn’t seem to have any problem taking risks when it comes to the clothing he wears. Some of his clothing even reminded me of something I might choose to wear, so I picked out some of my favorite items that I often wear for him.  Pictured above is the “Oh Canada pendant” with vintage sword charm and old dresser handle, the “Foreign Relations” coin bracelet and silver byzantine eternity chain bracelet. Also pictured in the photo above is a vintage re-imagined rosary with a hand-made glass cross and a pendant with a vintage chandelier crystal shard and a hand-made button.  You can see many styles like these on my site, HERE>

Below is the video for “Maybe Tonight”  with just a still image, but do give it a listen.


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