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The Evolution of “Rhinestone Jesus” AKA the “Vampire Killer” and Stevie Nicks

I made my very first “Rhinestone Jesus” just before the Renegade Craft fair in Brooklyn, summer 2009. I participated in the fair with the mulit-talented Marial Maher of Seasick Mama. (This girl does everything, clothing, art, photography, singing.  and she excels, so check her out for sure.) Soon after the fair I realized that this necklace was truly something special and I needed to recreate it multiple times.  I’ve sold several, but most notably to a dear friend in San Diego, who in turn gave it to her mother for Christmas. Now that is a mom I want to meet. You can order one by contacting me through my etsy site, but you must know that each necklace is one-of-a-kind and will vary piece to piece. The crosses, chains and charms will all change, but I make them to order, so you get to be part of the process!

This is the incredible, immortal Stevie Nicks with her piano version of “Kind of Woman” from her debut solo album,  Bella Donna (1981)  I imagine you owning one of the necklaces above as this song plays while you try it on for the very first time.  pure magic.  that’s what that is.


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