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Amanda Seyfried and Raffle for “Red Riding” necklace

I made this gem after being inspired by the recent Amanda Seyfried‘s acoustic cover of “Little Red Riding Hood.” (see videos below) Poor Amanda got some bad press recently on the Rotten Tomatoes site (linked) for her performance in the Red Riding Hood Film. I have not seen it yet, but am a little scared as it was to the film Showgirls and “eye rape.”  I do feel she can take solace is knowing that her rendition of the classic Sam & the Sham song is spot on.

This necklace contains 90% reclaimed materials such as strands of vintage crystal and coral beads, chains, hair barrettes and old clip-on earrings. If you want your shot at getting this necklace for FREE, subscribe to this blog or follow me on twitter. The winner of the raffle will be decided on March 25th (next Friday) and posted here soon after.


Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to this Blog for a chance to win this!


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