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New Offerings @ Zachary Pryor’s etsy site

Allagash Falls feather and chain gold earrings

"Jane went to a Rock Show," the heavy curb tarnished and polished brass chain

St. Croix dbl Gold Hoop feather earrings





The Allgash Falls earrings were named after the falls on the Allagash River, located in the heart of the Great North Maine Woods, not far from where I grew up…in Ashland, Maine.

“Jane went to see a Rock show”  In this case Jane could be a boy or girl, just as this necklace could be worn by other with great success. I say it on my Etsy site and I’ll say it here: This is the perfect birthday gift.  Who couldn’t easily wear this? (besides Megan.  i hear her making choking noises already)

The “St. Croix” earrings just look like you could be instantly transported to an island paradise when you put them in your lovely ear lobes. Hence the name from the famed U.S. Virgin Island.

You can purchase all of these in the Zachary Pryor etsy store.


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