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Style Sheet, Video and Music for Nika + Rory

Nika Roza Danilova, (better known as Zola Jesus), joins fellow Madison, Wisconsinite Nick Turco (of Rory Kane) as Nika + Rory. Together they produce dark but fluffy synthesized, auto-tuned anthems very different from the work Danilova created as Zola Jesus. I recently posted a video for Nika + Rory‘s “I’m Not Going Anywhere,” as a tune that I love to crank up while I’m toiling in my studio.  I found it a little more intriguing because there was less of an obvious auto-tuning thing going on.  But now, I’ve fully embraced listening to the auto-tune on their first track “LA Suxxx (the choice).”  I’ve read reviews that say the track is dark and depressing, but I just can’t stop dancing around like a madman to it. This does mean, however, that jewelry production has ground to a halt.

here’s a style sheet I made for the pair:

style sheet for new favourite, Nika + Rory

The amazing feather necklace I chose for “Nika” is available on my site. The crystal tyger pendant and lyger cuff are for “Rory” and if still available, may be purchased here.

To listen to Nika + Rory’s 3 amazing tracks, check them out on their myspace page.


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