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Princess Diana, Lady Di Necklace and Crystal drops of Heaven

island eternity crystal earrings, the immortal Lady Di, Opalite Drops of Heaven, and the Lady Diana necklace

You can purchase the “island eternity” earrings on my Etsy site RIGHT HERE+

The “opalite crusted droplets” and the “Lady Di” necklace can be special ordered from me through my Etsy site or my zp-nyc storefront. The “Lady Di” necklace (the reason for this post) came together when I was gifted an old busted up commemorative spoon celebrating the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Though the spoon looked horrid, there was this perfect cameo portrait of the Prince of Wales and Lady Di on the end of it.  I promptly ripped that sucker off and searched for a gold setting for it, all the while searching for charms and delicious bits to accompany it. The necklace design that the cameo ended up in is a very popular design for me. Heavy vintage brass curb chain is adorned with elephants, tiger’s eye, crystals, snake chain, gold beads, copper pieces and sits at the bottom of a lighter vintage brass curb chain. It is very long and looks great over a bulky sweater or with a simple tank top and jeans. I chose the crystal earrings because 1) they looked regal.  And 2) I seem to recall Diana loving that particular color blue. enjoy.


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