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Kanon Organic Vodka, Ellie Goulding and All Saints = Crazy Monday



I woke up this morning, checked Twitter (zacharypryornyc) and saw that my beloved Ellie was performing a set at All Saints in Soho.  Promptly found out that sponsor Kanon Organic Vodka was running a ‘lil facebook contest to give away some VIP passes. I entered by writing that “Human” was my favorite Ellie Goulding song. I won.  Amazing. I had a really heavy work load today, so I didn’t get to stay long, but All Saints and Kanon set up a pretty fantastic VIP section. I had one of their specialty lemonade-mint cocktails before deciding that the vodka was just too smooth and delicious to need a mixer.  Finished up with a straight Kanon on the rocks with a squeeze of lemon before running out the door to finish some production work. (while Ellie sang me out)  I received an email minutes after leaving saying I was eligible to snag an autographed cd, but alas, duty called. Here’s hoping that I’ll be fortunate enough to have Kanon sponsor one of my upcoming jewelry events.



Ellie @ All Saints sponsored by Kanon Organic Vodka




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