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playlist for this rainy day (AKA spring, bite my ass)

My toes are numb. My ears are hot. (keep talking people) And change is in the air.  Here’s a little playlist for this rainy day here in NYC.  or a regular day playlist for those of you more fortunate out there. I’ve linked a few of my favorite gems.  see if you like, then track down the others by your lonesome.

In addition to this little intro to the bands above, (for those of you who don’t already know them) I also give you a little medicinal glitter and funk in the form of some Spring Zachary Pryor.  enjoy.

(left-right, top-bottom) “Dripping Heart” necklace  and “Octofunk” are both available special order only. Doom and Gloom comes to you from a stormy Moy, County Armagh Northern Ireland. Teal feather earrings available on zp-nyc.

Coffee courtesy Stumptown Coffee in the Ace Hotel, Manhattan. The “Lion Cobra Cameo” and “Gothic Crescent Moon Plate”  are both available online and inside Dalaga.

Ooh -one last thing to cure your malaise. From the above playlist I give you a truly moving, creepifying video to “Beat and the Pulse”  Thoughts?


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