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Spring brings big change, big inspiration and big love for Zachary Pryor

On this, my last day living in New York, the city smiled brightly upon me. She showered me with gifts such as 75 degree weather, abundant spring blossoms and friends to help me pack up and ship the last of my boxed life to my new home in Portland, Oregon. Big thanks also to those of you who called with concern, love and support today. I love that most of you KNOW how hard it is to “leave” New York.


I create my own lilac walk with the Union Square Warhol statue, up until this October.




I shockingly had everything finished, shipped and sorted (though not cleaned) by mid-day. So my one constant in New York life (Romina) and I decided to go on our 2nd annual Central Park lilac walk. Miles later, with sore legs and feet and sweating brows, we discovered with horror that the lilac blooms are nowhere near ready.  This is not to say there was no beauty to be seen all around us though…just take a peak at the spring blossom yield in the photo collage below.


would you believe that this is the New York I see?



Though I have not created any new work today, I will show you my most recent beautiful creations, picked up by and available for a limited time at DALAGA in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  (more to come soon about their 2nd Brooklyn store located inside a re-purposed shipping container structure)


Porcelain Horn and gold and gunmetal necklaces




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