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Day One in Portland brings every element and a new boutique!

Breaking News -Zachary Pryor picked up by a new shop today, this one in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland. (Tilde) En route to my first meeting I took 84 the wrong way, but got to enjoy a bit of the gorge. I was then barraged with snow, rain, hail and sunshine. Insane. But gorgeous. After a successful meeting with Tilde and the incredibly charming owner Debbe Hamada I headed to Redux and Radish Underground to set up meetings for later this week. Expect new Zachary Pryor products in both stores this weekend!  The 3 pieces in my pdx day 1 collage below (including Arianna Fluffington gets a nest) are available now at Tilde. And now…I must get ready to go see Ellie Goulding at the Doug Fir.  woot.  I think.



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