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Creative Outburst

Circumstances beyond my control have landed me in a Chicago suburb for the past month with my mother. I say “beyond my control,” but I am actually beyond thrilled that I got to spend so much time with her, time in the sun and time creating pieces for my upcoming art show at Tin Shed in Portland, Oregon with the lovely and talented Katie Stem. Below I have posted my favorite pieces from the last few weeks with descriptions and links to my Etsy store for purchase. Enjoy.

This is “Martha’s ex-boyfriend” as he is a male and Martha was the last known Passenenger pigeon. She died in captivity in the late 1800’s. I painted this after reading the story of the passenger pigeon‘s extinction and crying for a good ten minutes. I put a lot more realism into it than I normally do, perhaps because I wanted to honor the spirit of the bird and it’s tragic tale. (purchase here)

Next up we have “Ode to a Crow.” This one really got me on a role and since it’s creation I have painted at least a piece a day. (Purchase here)

“Blue Morpho Okapi Butterfly” because the Okapi is my favorite animal. and he deserves beautiful butterfly wings. (Purchase here)

“Cleopatra Camel,” the first in a long line of historical figures painted as popular animals. The associations I make won’t always make sense. This one does. (Purchase here)

“Octopus Rave!”  I’ll be painting a ton of octopus paintings. Just you wait. (Purchase here)

“Not a meerkat but a MerCat” a cross between a Serval (a desert cat) and an African Cichlid. You get it.  (Purchase here)

Doberman Anubis” or Dobernubis…I love the doberman. and they really do look like traditional statues of the Egyptian God Anubis, so I figured…why not? There will also be forthcoming paintings of Horus Falcon and Bestet Havana Brown Cat. (purchase here)

More to come soon! And if you live in the Portland area, please do check out my show with Katie Stem at the Tin Shed happening September 1st. happy dog days of summer everyone!


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