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Stacy Licklider, Quartz Shard Earrings and a “Copious” Amount of ZP on the internet


The year is 1981 and I am living with my folks in Shenandoah Farms, VA. Stevie NicksBella Donna album is on heavy rotation at my house. We live on a forested hilltop with no septic system. There are copperhead snakes and spiders everywhere, my parents seem happy together. I have cousins that live close-by. They know about sex already and talk about it, but I am 7 and mostly oblivious. My grade school (an hour away) is in Front Royal, VA and I hate it. Unlike my Ashland, Maine school I really feel that I am just a number here.

Splash comes out and Aaron Benson and I keep going to the movie theater. He has Calvin Klein jeans and I have brown corduroys. There is a girl in our class named Stacy Licklider and we are both convinced she is a mermaid like Darryl Hannah. We take turns pretending we are Tom Hanks. I hate being John Candy. I have no idea at this time that I am completely gay and become obsessed with Stacy, the gorgeous blond-headed potential mermaid. We hold hands one day during a class field trip. I vaguely remember us walking behind the group, making fun of everyone. Knowing both of us now I must say that this is entirely possible.

Years later I find Stacy on Facebook and to my surprise she remembers me as vividly as I her. We stay in touch here and there and I daydream about visiting her and her wonderful, fairly new family in the Florida Keys. Then, just weeks ago she purchases the “crystal shard” earrings below. I have had great success as an artist and jewelry designer in the last ten years, but nothing is as gratifying as when a dear old friend spends their hard-earned $ on your creativity. Thank you friends and thank you Stacy for coming back into my life.

In barely related news, Zachary Pryor now joins the ranks of Copious users this week. This site is an Etsy alternative and is getting a great deal of press. The format is gorgeous and the site is extremely user-friendly. Go ahead and check out the items ZP now has for sale on Copious.


2 responses

  1. Jennifer

    Dear God! I too spend the 80’s in Shen Farms and rode an hour to FR for school, AND remember Stacy and Aaron — what is scary is that I did NOT know about copperheads out in the Farms, lol. I spent HOURS rolling around in that grass. I could have been killed 😉 Fabulous work by the way!

    June 22, 2012 at 1:38 pm

  2. Jennifer


    June 22, 2012 at 1:38 pm

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