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Fall/Holiday Fashion ZP Photoshoot of Handmade one-of-a-kind Necklaces

Here at Zachary Pryor I pride myself on making truly unique pieces that are composed of vintage charms, beads and chains that I acquire ethically on my travels around the states. All of the necklaces in the photo can be purchased through paypal, simply by emailing me through this site, or through my facebook or my twitter account. A link for both appears at the bottom of this page. You can also browse through my collections on both ETSY and COPIOUS.

I took these photos with my roommate Kate B during one of our early morning dance parties. She pulled another creative all-nighter and had to get her shift covered at the Observatory (where the 2 of us and my other roommate Katie will be having an art show next month). I jumped on the opportunity to use her as a model before she passed out from exhaustion. The air is crisp and clean here in Portland with wet, colorful leaves speckling the greenery. It made for some great jewelry photos.

Enjoy and a very happy fall to you and yours.

xo ~zachary


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