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Zachary Pryor’s Coastal Solstice Inspirations with Laser Octopuses, Queen Esther, Turquoise and more


This Winter Solstice finds me with a new love in my life and a brand new connection to the Oregon Coast. Since my trip to Seal Rock and Yachats a few weeks ago I feel that everything I have created has this sort of haunting sacredness. I thought it best to honor that by putting together a nice little photo collage. (above) In it I have featured my vintage glass and coral beaded wrapping necklace (bottom left), Corsican Breeze earrings (bottom middle), Gold & Turquoise Scarab beetle necklace (top left), Glory of Queen Esther painting (right) and my Gold & Turquoise draping chain necklace (top right) I have linked each piece for purchasing ease and be advised that all of my items on ETSY are 20% off all month. Simply enter the coupon code “holiday” when checking out to receive your discount just in time for the holidays!

Also pictured in the above collage is a gorgeous shot of the ocean at Seal Rock, Oregon (top left and middle), a frost-bitten morning near my house in Portland (bottom right) and my favorite moment from the recent coastal trip, a snowy mountain pass on Highway 26 just outside the Tillamook State Forest. (middle)

Hope this post finds you all well and remember: I make custom orders, so reach out to me and let me know!




One response

  1. Shawn

    Saw some of your pieces (paintings) last month at the Observatory bar on stark near 82nd. Great fun! I went back meaning to purchase the lazer eyed rhino painted on a section of 2×4, but alas, it had sold i believe. My girl & I Loved it. I’d like to know if you’d be willing to create another, for about the same price, $40., I recall. If so, That would be most excellent! I’d love to gift it to her. Thank you!

    January 10, 2012 at 5:14 am

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