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Copious Spotlight featuring Zachary Pryor (another successful show)

This July finds me back in my beloved San Francisco with my oldest friends and my newest – the fantastic staff from Copious and namely Kaitlyn Barclay. Kaitlyn and Copious helped bring my latest show to fruition at WISH in Soma. Wish is an amazing New York style cocktail lounge with fantastic drinks and equally fantastic music, often by local DJs.

I had a nice little turn-out and was able to make new friends and turn them into new believers in the Zachary Pryor line. Most of the people at the show also signed up for the web shopping sensation, Copious. The site has brought me many new friends and is an amazing outlet to share my work, tell my stories and build my brand. If you are a designer or a major fashion junkie and have not yet checked out what Copious has to offer, please do so now.


event Promo


true San Francisco style icon, Kelli Bratvold


and that’s me hard at work setting up the jewelry display that would soon be decimated.



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