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New Shop for ZP + Copious Give Away!

This summer finds Zachary Pryor swimming in new shops to sell his wares in, the first of which is Muse Studio and Design in Ardmore, OK. I actually “met” the girls behind muse through a site we both sell on, Copious.


these beauties are available at Muse in Ardmore, OK

The site has been incredible for all of us, mostly because of the way it fuses social media together and connects buyers and sellers in a very special way. I am dangerously close to reaching my 100th sale on Copious and in honor of that I’ll be giving away a necklace much like the one pictured to my 100th customer. So pop on into my shop and sign up. It is so easy to buy AND sell on copious and if you purchase from me, you just might find yourself with a brand new free necklace! 


give away prize!


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