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A Surge in the Painting Department…

January is more often than not – my most inspired month. This month has found me painting all of my favorite childhood heroes like Storm of the X-Men, Jem and She-Ra, Dogs in Victorian garb and Birds in Love. You can see all of these and many more in my Etsy shop – newly expanded. Click Here.

and to spread the love around, I’ve added a new coupon code for those who come across the blog. Simply enter coupon code ”LOVEYOU” when checking out for a 20% off bonus!



My modernized take on Jem & the Holograms




80s Ladies – Jem, Shortcake, Rainbow Brite & She-Ra




Storm, Through the Ages  (my favorite pair I’ve ever made)



Lady Olive Barkington III – victorian chihuahua painting on cedar


Wonderwoman, I Love You Night & Day


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