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Memories, Souvenirs and Inner Pride


Little William is Trouble. [get it on Etsy]

This glorious vintage ornate golden locket comes with a blue cabochon on the outside and a vintage creepy little boy’s photo on the inside. You can obviously add your own photo, but I really enjoyed the photo that is already there. It hangs on a fine vintage gold plated curb chain with etched golden metal bead acccents. The chain is 30” long, but can be hooked on one of the bead accents to make it shorter.



Flying, So High {get it on etsy}

Little swallows in a cradle of brass link chain with a long chain adorned with a micro faceted light blue chalcedony droplet. They say that chalcedony is told to help one rid themselves of unwanted things in one’s life. It also aids in avoiding messy emotional involvements that can cause distress. So there you have it. Fly High.


Rose City Hisses [get it on Etsy]

A couple years ago when I first got to Portland I was invited to a little backyard drinking at a new friend’s house just a couple miles from my apartment. It was a great day so I decided to walk. On the walk I passed by the Rose City Golf Course on Tillamook. From across the street I could see a raccoon scaling the chain link fence that surrounded the course. He high-tailed it across the street, got all the way to my feet-just a foot or two away from me. He looked up, hissed, ran back across the street, over the fence and back onto the golf course. And that was the day I found out what my spirit animal is.
This gorgeous simple little woodland goddess necklace comes complete with rustic vintage silver plated chain, a lobster clasp, hammered silver charm, a faceted ring cut peridot gemstone and an ethically harvested raccoon tooth. It measures 18” long.



From Versailles with Love {get it on Etsy}

This reminded me of my days in French class – dreaming about spending the weekend visiting Versailles. When I finally did make it to France some major drama went down and we had to come back to the Stated early, so I never did get to go to Versailles. (heavy sigh)

The vintage ornate gold plate is draped in vintage gold plated curb chain with a large pink opal droplet. Above it hangs a section of chain made from re-purposed spring rings, (a Zachary Pryor signature move) A smaller pink opal droplet hangs from this chain as well. The rest of the chain has etched gold beaded accents, a medium sized lobster claw clasp and fine gold plated curb chain. The shortest portion of the necklace measures 18” and the longest is 24”


Those are some favorites from this day of creativity. It has been an incredibly productive week thus far. I hope you enjoy the work and the inspiration and story behind each piece. A little peak into the artist’s mind is always good, right? most times…





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