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the Return – Zachary Pryor: home for the summer and looking forward to sun, the outdoors and massive creative outpourings

I just had an incredibly stressful trip – 4 cities in under 2 weeks, all in an attempt to stock up my stores and satisfy the demands of customers that like to see me in person to pick out their newest jewels. It was a little too much for me – perhaps because I’ve become very content here in the Pacific northwest. Having every glory of nature at my fingertips is just too much of a pull for me, so my travel plans for the summer are on hold.

As someone who is always looking forward to that next trip and daydreaming about greener pastures I am extremely excited to be happy to be home and happy with what I have. Rejoice! Adulthood has finally arrived. Celebrating with another half off sale. Your coupon code is: SUMMERLOVE

The minimum original purchase price must reach $40 and the sale ends Thursday morning.

go get yourself some of your own contentment with my newest collection.

Here are a few of my favorites, including a sterling Angelite beauty and a fine gold filled earring and necklace set with genuine emeralds. 



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