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My latest creative outburst for 5/28

I just shared this little photo collage on my facebook timeline, but here it is again complete with links and descriptions/inspirations.


[clockwise from top left – Selenite Wand necklace, Layered heart charm necklace, Brass & Labradorite Lg. Eagle charm pendant, Fine Peridot deco earrings and Sterling Tundra Sapphire bar necklace]

I made my first Selenite wand necklace on a trip that I was worried about. I felt I really needed protection and I read that Selenite can help us connect to the other side and our departed loved ones. I have a close tie with my own guardian angel, my Grandma. I wore it throughout the entire trip and she really helped make it successful and safe. The 2nd piece in today’s collection is a layered heart charm necklace – The piece has been going through an evolution for months and I feel comfortable with its look now. The Labradorite eagle pendant is made to be unisex, but I fully know a woman will buy it immediately. Every time I make something I feel is just right for men a cool woman will snatch it up for herself right away. The peridot earrings at bottom center are pretty straight-forward and the final piece is my favorite. Sterling silver cable chain is adorned with multi-color Tundra Sapphire briolettes and micro faceted mini pyrite beads.


As mentioned yesterday, I have a sale running right now in my Etsy shop. Everything (including the products featured here today) are half off with coupon code: SUMMERLOVE from now through this Thursday.


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