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Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac & Gold Dust Dreams

I had the good fortune of attending Fleetwood Mac last night here in Portland, OR. Blown away. It was like therapy. I cried during  “Sara” and ”Landslide,” thinking about my parents, their end and saying goodbye to my father. In a surprise twist “Tusk” was my favorite of the evening. The visuals for the whole night were simple, but gorgeous and spot on and this showed the most during the performance of Tusk. I was mesmerized and inspired. Three things that I took away from the show:

1) Growing old isn’t real

2) There is always time for a second, third, fourth act…

3) I love Lindsey almost as much as Stevie. almost. His guitar playing skills are inspiring.


“Gold Dust Woman,” as always, felt like a total trip. Stevie wore an amazing metallic scarf/wrap that she covered herself with, spun around, trailing it behind her. At one point I swore she was going to give it to someone in the front row and I saw RED…but she was just bowing. During the entire show I felt the pull to come home and create…and I did. This beauty flew right out of my mind and hands and came to life quite easily. I wanted to create something that reminded me of that amazing wrap and that haunting song.
The necklace is made with vintage shimmering gold plated chains, vintage crystals and gemstones like citrine and pyrite. It measures 18” and the clasp is built into the chain (3rd pic) The chains drape down from the collar bone to cover a bit of the breast plate.


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