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Winding Down Whilst Putting the Pedal to the Medal

As summer winds down I find myself going on these glorious hikes, but only thinking: “Oh God…this is going to end soon,” instead of just enjoying the moment. This is a lesson that I find myself learning over and over again as the years pass. BE IN THE MOMENT ZACHARY, BE IN THE MOMENT. 

So this is me, being in the moment and sharing the glory that was my last 2 weeks as well as some of my favorites from the last ten days. Enjoy. If you love something you see and find yourself unable to live without it, please click below the image on the link provided to purchase.



This is Crabtree Lake. The hike was just shy of 3 miles each way, but it begins with a steady descent…which means Hell for the trip back. We saw no other cars and no other humans for miles and miles, so the hike was bliss and also slightly creepy, especially when we reached this lake as it was filled with slow-moving brown salamanders. FILLED. I went to the lake because scientists say that some of the oldest trees in Oregon reside here in this valley that is shielded from the really harsh elements. Two of these trees are even named. (King tut and Nefertiti)Image


My favorite part of this hike and of this particular weekend was a cliff that I discovered just west of the lake with an amazing view of the rest of the valley, wetlands and hills beyond.


I started creating the beauty above soon after my return from the Crabtree Lake hike. I call it “The Glory Before the Fall” as it reminds me of the Trojan horse. It is packed full of draping gold plated chains, fresh water pearls, pyrite and a glorious gold titanium druzy agate at its center. Click on the title for a full detailed description of the piece.

ImageThis is me – blissed out and relaxing on top of a cliff at the first pool that Hole in the Wall Falls creates. This waterfall is in the Starvation Creek Hike trail area and was my favorite part of the hike. I will be returning here, no question.


ImageThese two pieces came together quickly for me after re-energizing on the Starvation Creek hike. The first is a “hybrid” gemstone of sorts. An Oregon Sunstone and a Genuine Moonstone are bound together with a rustic silver plated bail and silver plated chain. It measures an adjustable 17-18 inches in length. Go check out “Ascend” in my online shop.

The 2nd piece is a pair of gorgeous copper earrings with Citrine and Oxidized triangle charms. I am obsessed with all things triangular. Though these earrings are delicate and simple I feel that the visual impact really knocks your socks off. Go get “To Infinity”

I’ll close with what became of my Sunday. My boyfriend/future husband and I went on yet another hike, but this time in the Coastal Range moutains. While these are beautiful I have been spoiled this year with truly breath-taking hikes in Mt. Rainier, St. Helens and the Opal Creek wilderness, so I find hiking through woods just to look at woods a bit boring now. So after a mile we threw in the towel and opted for some wine at Tualatin Estate Vineyards. Best Sunday choice possible. Here’s a shot from the deck we dined and drank on. Have a wonderful week.







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  1. Crabtree lake looks incredible! I’m so glad that your grandmother pushed you to share your jewelry with the word. You are so talented!

    August 12, 2013 at 10:09 pm

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