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Loowit Falls: The Place, The Magic and the Necklace

This last weekend was my best for quite some time. My boyfriend and I went to Windy Ridge and Loowit Falls on top of Mount St Helens. Everything I read in my hiking books and online suggested that it would be a difficult experience. The hike is said to be an almost 12 mile loop through mostly devastated terrain at a high elevation and in full sunlight. While the hike was a little long it was also relatively flat with an amazing breeze. I did get a tank top shaped burn, but seeing the plains, springs, Loowit falls and life returning to a beautiful mountaintop inspired me in ways I could barely even imagine. As we descended from the falls an idea popped into my head for a new necklace. The colors around Loowit Falls reminded me so much of the vintage brass and rustic silver tones in a lot of the jewelry I create. I thought that pairing the two in a cascading waterfall necklace packed full of crystal quartz and moonstone and Herkimer diamonds would echo the images burned into my mind of glorious Loowit. And…Here it is:






You can see this little beauty in my ETSY shop and you can see more of my adventuring pictures on my Facebook page and in the Pacific Northwest Daydreams folder.



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    • Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I just recently because more active on here!

      December 19, 2015 at 4:42 am

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