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Magic Monday

Dreary day outside, but bursting with color on the inside!

Two ships in the night – vintage gold, pearl and nautical cameo necklace – available in my EtsyShopI

A new favourite of mine, “the Witching Hour” talisman style gemstone necklace with titanium quartz, coral horn, turquoise and more! AvailableHere!

With this beauty above I brought one of my old illustrations from the beginning of my jewelry making career out of retirement. She was a regular customer of mine on the streets in soho, and she is drawn in my older more graphic style. AvailableNowo.

Glorious sparkling sunstone and sterling chain! GetItNowI

The Purple Paisley Heron! AvailableHere

And finally… “I’ll Tumble For Ya!” Gunmetal and gold geometric beaded necklace. AvailableNow.
Have a pleasant evening everyone!



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