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The frenzy has begun!

As a painter and jewelry designer my Decembers are typically pretty damn busy. This first week is underway and it didn’t let me down. To keep up with interest and demand I try to create 5-10 new beauties a day. Here are today’s.

Leading off with my favorite, this one is called ‘chasing waterfalls’ it is made with labradorite, sunstone and pink tourmaline with cascading gold plated chains. PurchaseHerewaterfall

Winter’s Bounty is a jumble necklace made with vintage green crystal and pearls. GetItHere

Give your heart the harmony it so desires with this delicate gold and pink coral beaded bracelet. Here!

A little Wyandotte chicken hand-painted earring action. GetThemHere

This magenta crystal piece is called ‘ascend’ and features a vintage silver wheat coin. SnagHerHere

More to come! Stay tuned!


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