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Inspirations and their results

Last week was a huge week for me. I had the good fortune of going on two amazing hikes and I always find I’m the most inspired as a result.
First up was my very favorite hike in the area, Falls Creek Falls.

The road was closed so the hike turned into an 8 mile affair, but the pay-off you can see above.

And above we have the results! Gorgeous green apatite post earrings, sterling and green kyanite necklace, rose quartz horn necklace and seahorses in love with blue apatite! They are all available on my EtsySite.


Next up – and over the weekend – was an old favorite, the Starvation Creek trail. The hike is unlike many others in the gorge and has 4 glorious waterfalls along it. The first photo shows Starvation Ridge and falls and the second is my favorite, Hole in the Wall falls. The waterfall actually shoots through solid rock that was dug out especially for these falls. I felt uplifted and rejuvenated during and after the hike and as a result:

These all came to life today – an eagle bib necklace, a cross and key charm necklace, zebra jasper earrings, Wonder Woman hand-painted earrings, sterling labradorite necklace and a raw amethyst pendant. These are also all available online in my EtsyStore. (Except for the eagle – that sold earlier today)


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