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The New Kids 

I feel like last night and this morning were filled with some glorious inspiration. When I crank out the pieces that actually move me I feel I simply HAVE to share. 

First up:

My favorite of the day, STELLA MARIS – this blue crystal, pearl and charm beauty is AvailableHere.

Next up is a new She-Ra comic book inspired piece featuring both the Princess of Power her arch rival Catra. AvailableHere.

Double terminated rich, dark amethyst crystal on double gold chain. AvailableHere.

The beauty above is prehnite and that particular stone is said to alleviate stress and help you to let go of the past. This glorious bib necklace is AvailableHere.

And finally – oxidized sterling delicate necklace with raw amethyst gemstone – AvailableHere.

Hope something moves you! And remember! 25% off with the code zacklovesyou 


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