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Spotlight on Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi on zp etsy

I make no secret of my love for anime and none shine more brightly in my life than Sailor Moon! Over the last year Sailor Moon Crystal has sparked a new creative fire in me and here are some of my recent pieces inspired by the lovely ladies causing all that inspiration.


supreme thunder! Glorious Sailor Jupiter cameo and lightning bolt charm necklace AvailableHere


Prefer the hand-painted Zachary Pryor? Well have no fear, the FlowerHurricane is here.


Double sided SailorVenus with Artemis is also an option!


Or if you prefer the softer side of the GuardianOfLoveAndBeauty how about this glorious cameo and charm pendant?


Are you a little darker or emo in nature? SailorSaturn is your girl! 


Finally Sailor Moon herself, available in Princess Serenity (pink) or Usagi (Blue). These are special order only, so feel free to contact me or in the name of the moon, I will punish you.


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