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Titans, old and new 

The first Titan? None other than Wonder Woman! This glorious piece pays tribute to a long-time/forever favourite of mine. A gorgeous shimmering stainless steel and yellow enamel Wonder Woman logo hangs from delicate vintage silver plated chain with silver and gold chain accents. The piece is adjustable from 16-18 inches in length and is available right now! 25% off with the coupon code ZACKLOVESYOU 

Purchase the Wonder Woman beauty HERE
Next up is this shimmering titanium and smoky quartz shard bib necklace, honoring the Titans of myth.

More vintage gold plated chains and nine spectacular gold and black titanium and smoky quartz gemstones. Grab the power for yourself HERE

And why not Honour my favourite historical titans, the vikings?! They used the stone in these earrings, IOLITE as a navigation tools while sailing. Moonlight reflected through the stone worked for them somehow. 
You can purchase these blue beauties HERE


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