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Earring inspiration Hits after a day in crystal blue waters 

Yesterday I escaped the oppressive summertime heat of Portland with a trip to a favourite spot of mine. This time, though we took the shorter, but more labor-intensive route of hiking straight up the river. Along the way my friend and I found some truly magical spots and I was able to swim and surround myself in crystal blue, sparkling clean waters. We hiked as far as we could and had to find the trail to get back to the car. Sadly, this took us straight up a steep cliff. We made it, but today I’m beaten, scratched and bruised and……happy beyond belief.

Feeling so recharged and refreshed does indeed inspire one, so late last night I was able to create these three beauties! 

All three are listed now in my Etsy shop while they last! Use the code zacklovesyou for a discount! 


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