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Dog days of summer creations 

The Angel’s Embrace – vintage silver, aqua aura quartz and gorgeous crystal heart links – only $32 – Purchase

Looks like it’s gonna be “another Marie Callender night” you crazy cat lady – pale sapphire with shimmering discs and cat charms – $40 – Purchase 

Dual Banker’s Lamps: green hydro quartz and vintage gold components. This number is named after the classic lamps adorning the desks in the main library in NYC – only $36! – Purchase

One Piece has quickly become my favourite thing in life. These earrings depict some of my favourite things in the show – Boa Hancock’s obsession with Luffy and his obliviousness and Sanji’s obsession and devotion to Nami and her utter frustration with him. They are hand-painted on dense board with a light glossy coating and silver plated hardware and hooks. They are quite light and measure about 3 inches long. – only $39 – Purchase 

Future Fic time!!!! So Stormer was killed in a plane crash rushing to a Misfits show in Denver. The group was never quite the same and became an emo punk band. Jetta wanted more light in her life and defected to join the Holograms. Kimber, tired of fighting with her sister for the spotlight switched to the Misfits and broke off her secret affair with Rio. Aja got a bob hairdo and with her new-found confidence tried out to be the band’s lead vocalist.

These are hand-painted on dense board with a light non-toxic protective coating. Finished off with grommets, jump rings and your choice of gold or silver hooks – these earrings hang about 4” long and are very lightweight.

The first earring has the new Jem & the Holograms line-up (now Aja & the Holograms) with Shana, Jem, Aja and Jetta. The second earring has the Misifts with Kimber, Roxy and Pizzazz. Be sure to choose gold or silver hooks when purchasing.

Only $38! – Purchase 

Dreaming of Thunder: gold, brass, rhinestones, charms and rubies $40 – Purchase

LOVE WINS! – In the name of love, my tip of the hat to gay pride and marriage equality. Sterling, with precious and semi-precious gemstones – only $45 – Purchase

Thanks for taking a look and keep on enjoying/enduring your summer! Xo


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