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Painted gifts show and a spotlight on Amethyst

I am having a painted gifts show this Saturday, October 10th at Presents of Mind in SE Portland, Oregon. I just found out about it last week, but have been cranking out 10-15 pieces a day included hand-painted Pacific Northwest themed earrings, small art pieces with animals and l’il lard butt birds! (More about them soon) I will even bring along my jewelry box to show off some truly gorgeous locally sourced gemstones locked inside romantic jewelry pieces. Come see me and maybe pick up some gifts OR order a custom piece for the holidays. Presents of Mind 3633 SE Hawthorne Portland, Oregon – October 10th, 11am-4pm.

Also this week: a spotlight on amethyst, a stone that can help in dark times and remove negativity from your path – a truly great thing in these times of change. These pieces are presently available for sale on my EtsyPage


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