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Batman Universe celebrated on Queva Jewelry Etsy page 

As most hardcore comic book fans, Batman and the characters within the universe hold a special place in my heart. I have been painting these characters on my earrings and cuffs for years. I thought it high time to feature them all here on my blog to remind myself and my fans of what I have to offer! 

Up first we have Babs! (Possibly my favorite) The name of each piece will take you to the item to purchase. Clockwise from top left: Kawai styleBatgirl cuffbatgirl/oracle earrings, and classic Babs earrings

Femme Fatales

HARLEY Quinn through the years hand-painted earrings. CLICK HERE to buy.

If you’re feeling Green with envy over these Poison Ivy painted earrings, get your own HERE.

Now we come to the ever so sexy Catwoman! First on the left is Batman Returns Michelle Pfeiffer HELL HERE Catwoman earrings, Catwoman through the ages earrings and  bright green Kawaii earrings.

These next earrings were just featured in a viral social media video that I caught wind of this week. It features a gorgeous Latina woman named Nicole who is obsessed with Wonder Woman. Words cannot express my excitement. Here is the link for the video and the link to the earrings. 

A little Romance with this painted Batman and Wonder Woman cuff

Is it Wrong that I had such a huge crush on the Psychotic Joker-like Jerome on Gotham? I had to paint him. Had to. PURCHASE HERE

Finally, and most importantly: Gay for Days. When I was little I knew I was gay and I dove into the world of comics quite often when life wasn’t so kind to me. Even in that world I felt a little hurt because I never saw any gay heroes, any example that let me know that I wasn’t alone. Clockwise from top left: Batman and Robin, Poison Ivy and Harley QuinnCatwoman and Poison Ivy, and Batman and Superman! 


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