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A new spot for my future happiness

I don’t talk nearly enough on this blog about the hikes I enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest. They are as big a part of my life as Japan, my art, or my jewelry. 

When I first moved to Portland the Columbia Gorge held many wonders for me and the late summer gorge fire did a number on most of them. The first days of the fire left me reeling and I could not stop crying. Though this one was not – fires are a natural thing and I know the forest and these spots I love will recover. In the meantime I have been hiking in alternative spots and seeking out new ones to ease my suffering. 

For several years I have been passing the White River Sno park off hwy 35. The river bed is very wide, but I have never seen much water flow, even though I visit during every season. Turns out that in 2006 the river flooded and took out the bridge. 

This is from the top of the hill near the start of the hike and the hill is the reason I love it so much. This trail leads you to a narrow forested plateau so it feels like you are hiking in your own private forest.

I don’t typically love the signs of human life left behind, but this one was ok.

A section of the plateau is filled with gray jays flitting about and begging for food. They are not a timid bird species by any means. 

The early snow half way into the hike had me grinning ear to ear

And finally there she is, Mt Hood – the beauty that looks down majestically on all of us Portlanders. The trail takes you all the way to the mountain’s base. I have visited twice now and plan to creep closer each time I return. Stay tuned for more natural wonders. 


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