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Sailor Moon explosion!

I have always loved Sailor Moon and have celebrated that love with my artwork and my jewelry for several years now. My recent trip to Tokyo gave me the opportunity to explore this even more with some really great finds.

Set your heart ablaze with the Super Crisis Heart charm necklace.

In the La Foret shopping center in Shinjuku I scored my first choice Sailor Moon mirror from a gachapon machine. I sanded down the unnecessary components and affixed the mirror cameo to a brass setting to make this stunningstatement necklace.

This darling little charm necklace was inspired by a piece I saw in Tokyo, but taken to the next level. The pearl and rhinestone charm has their moons on their foreheads and fine chains below them that hold onto pearls, onyx, and moonstone!

My Luna Cat Key charm necklace features shimmering gold plated chain and a gold disc and rhinestone accent.

The transformation wand bib necklace is always a stunner.

I also hand-paint on jewelry and here are just a few of my favorites:

My first hand-painted Sailor Moon earrings were of course of the heroine on crescent moons!

My personal favorite scout is Saturn. So beautiful and so tragic. Here she adorns a hand-painted canvas cuff with jewel snap closures.

Bad-ass and Tender, Uranus and Neptune painted earrings.

SAILOR VENUS looking fierce AF on these hand-painted earrings.


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