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Monthly Jewelry Subscription Service – You pick your favorite necklace and earring each month

Announcing (by popular demand) jewelry subscription service! you will get your pick of favorite earrings and necklaces each month with some wiggle room. (2 necklaces or two earrings ect) The prices are all listed with one month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and one year options – you save a little bit extra the more months you subscribe. Simply peruse through the site and pick your favorite 2 pieces with an additional 2 back-up choices in case something gets snatched up before we communicate. The total for 2 pieces should not exceed $85 (original purchase price) Paintings are not included, but painted earrings are. Your subscription will start the day you order and repeat on the same date each month. See more about this amazing deal HERE.




a Last Glance, a Last Chance

This little sale I’ve been running this week has had my head spinning with excitement. Reached out to some new people, some old and really cranked out a record-breaking amount of jewels for my stockpile. I’m adding quite a few of these new pieces to my Etsy site today and they WILL be part of my Half off sale. The 50% off sale ends today -or early Sunday morning, so take another peak and take advantage of the great deal. The code to get you this huge discount is: butofcourse

Now go grab yourself some happy. and be sure to read some of the descriptions. xo


Pictured in the collage above is me and my best friend, Romina (at center) “Strength and understanding” (bottom left) sweetness and light” SOLD (top left) “The Trickster” (bottom right) and “Wonder in the Sky” (top right) Click on any of the names to take you directly to the item.

Thank You cards are ready

I can get a little creepy with my vintage collaged and stamped thank you notes. I send the PG ones to those customers I don’t know well, but my regulars get cards much like these:




Order some jewels and painted wares by zp now and get yourself one.