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White lemons

Very inspiring day.

Jewelry Bonney and her love, me.  
Spotted at Umbrella Falls

Tamanawas Falls

SparklingCyclone vintage rhinestone triple hoop earrings with quartz.

Forever. Ethical piece made with filigree chevron charm and rutilated quartz

WitchDoctor – vintage, ethical piece with silver chains, arrow, black skull and crossbones and silver titanium quartz. 

WeatherWitch” The X-Men’s Storm pictured in her iconic Mohawk look – small painting. 

This is HaZel. She is a spotted owl who lives at the Portland Audubon Society. She flew into a tree when she was young and her wing feathers grew in deformed so she cannot fly. But she’s still rad. I hand-painted her on dense board so that she could exist as earrings! 

A new art show, Remembering Ace, and celebrating Star Trek 

These are just some of the beauties currently hanging at Tin Shed in Portland, Oregon. The show will be up through November 24th. I have done one show a year at Tin Shed every year since I first moved to Portland and I always have a great experience.

This is Ace from the anime “One Piece.” He died. He’s my October 27th “Inktober” entry. 

And here is a focus on my celebration of Star Trek. All of the pieces are available on the QuevaJewelry etsy page.

Introducing ‘Exploregon’ #Portland area themed earrings #pdx

I first came to Portland 11 years ago and quickly made it my home. I fell most in love with the waterfalls, woods, mountains, rivers and lakes and their accessibility to the city. I had the good fortune of finding like-minded individuals and a fiancé who enjoy it with me. Every week I explore an old favorite or find a brand new one. I have decided to use all my pictures and memories from these hikes and visits to create a line of •exploregon• earrings! And here they are!


I’m hoping to have them featured at gift shops across the state. For now you can see and purchase most of them in my etsy shop!