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June Blooms 

Here are some of my most recent (and favourite) creations.

For the last 2 weeks I have been inspired and creating at break-neck speeds. I have some really great new re-purposed vintage jewelry made with pieces that I acquired in vintage markets during my recent Philadelphia trip. I also made a few new geektastic creations for my page filled with pieces inspired by comics, anime, pop culture, and movies. But the thing I am most excited about lately is my updated L’il Lard butt series. I am creating as many as possible to sell as originals, but will also be launching a line of home goods inspired by those same originals. STAY TUNED! 

Secrets to Keep – turquoise with vintage locker key tag and key

LEGEND of ZELDA – hand-painted Link and the Princess earrings

L’il Lard Butt Scrub Jay framed original painting

Matte black eagle 

bib necklace

L’il Lard Butt Hummingbird original art

Double sided She-Ra Princess of Power hand-painted comic earrings


Zachary arrives on Patreon.

I am so excited to announce that I have joined the Patreon community. I am also thrilled to be on a platform that celebrates artists and gives them an opportunity to raise funds and grow!

My dear friend Kelly told me about the platform yesterday, but I have been hearing about it for a couple months now. Patrons have a chance to donate monthly contributions of $1-$100 or more on my site and with these donations you get access to special images, ongoing comics and you even get special gifts in the mail with a pledge of $10 or more! You also get to hear about my process, my history and my inspirations. 

A $100 donation or more gets you a framed 5″x7″ piece with a subject dear to you. I’m thinking we can roll gifts over two if people want bigger pieces.

Here is a screen shot of my Patreon page:

Go check it out HERE, ( ) tell a friend, sign up yourself if you are a creator and let’s spread that love!