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Loowit Falls: The Place, The Magic and the Necklace

This last weekend was my best for quite some time. My boyfriend and I went to Windy Ridge and Loowit Falls on top of Mount St Helens. Everything I read in my hiking books and online suggested that it would be a difficult experience. The hike is said to be an almost 12 mile loop through mostly devastated terrain at a high elevation and in full sunlight. While the hike was a little long it was also relatively flat with an amazing breeze. I did get a tank top shaped burn, but seeing the plains, springs, Loowit falls and life returning to a beautiful mountaintop inspired me in ways I could barely even imagine. As we descended from the falls an idea popped into my head for a new necklace. The colors around Loowit Falls reminded me so much of the vintage brass and rustic silver tones in a lot of the jewelry I create. I thought that pairing the two in a cascading waterfall necklace packed full of crystal quartz and moonstone and Herkimer diamonds would echo the images burned into my mind of glorious Loowit. And…Here it is:






You can see this little beauty in my ETSY shop and you can see more of my adventuring pictures on my Facebook page and in the Pacific Northwest Daydreams folder.



Zachary Pryor refreshments at Tilde and Frock in Portland

After a 3 year hiatus, the Zachary Pryor line has made it back into Frock on Alberta in NE Portland.  Pop in and take a look at the selection of vintage reworked earrings they chose as well as the affordable, eclectic mix of jewelry and clothing they carry.


Last week also brought about a refreshing of the Zachary Pryor line at Tilde in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland. The owner, Debbe is truly uplifting to be around. So if you live in Portland or plan on visiting, a stop into this unique boutique is a must!


Won’t you beat my Love Drum?

Yeah, it is pure cheese, but songs that make you move and herald the beginning of what will become the greatest summer in Zachary Pryor history are just irresistable. Though I’m a Cheryl man all the way, Nicola here has put me in a state that can only be described as heavenly bliss with this jam.

dance to the “beat of my drum” by Nicola Roberts


Also, here are some jewels that vibe along with the colorful 80’s funk gorgeousness that is this video.

happy summer everyone.  eat up.