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Ellie Goulding last night at the Doug Fir in pdx

So Ellie killed it last night at the Doug Fir. I procrastinated and managed to miss the Knocks, but my delightful IPA and Ellie being spot-on made up for my tardiness. She really came alive during “Salt Skin” and “Lights” when she grabbed some drum sticks and started wailing away. Wish I could catch her in San Francisco.

that would be my fist in the air, just to the left of the pole.

here’s a ‘lil remix of my favorite song from last night:

Ellie Goudling \”Salt Skin\” (Alex Metric Remix)


playlist for this rainy day (AKA spring, bite my ass)

My toes are numb. My ears are hot. (keep talking people) And change is in the air.  Here’s a little playlist for this rainy day here in NYC.  or a regular day playlist for those of you more fortunate out there. I’ve linked a few of my favorite gems.  see if you like, then track down the others by your lonesome.

In addition to this little intro to the bands above, (for those of you who don’t already know them) I also give you a little medicinal glitter and funk in the form of some Spring Zachary Pryor.  enjoy.

(left-right, top-bottom) “Dripping Heart” necklace  and “Octofunk” are both available special order only. Doom and Gloom comes to you from a stormy Moy, County Armagh Northern Ireland. Teal feather earrings available on zp-nyc.

Coffee courtesy Stumptown Coffee in the Ace Hotel, Manhattan. The “Lion Cobra Cameo” and “Gothic Crescent Moon Plate”  are both available online and inside Dalaga.

Ooh -one last thing to cure your malaise. From the above playlist I give you a truly moving, creepifying video to “Beat and the Pulse”  Thoughts?

Kanon Organic Vodka, Ellie Goulding and All Saints = Crazy Monday



I woke up this morning, checked Twitter (zacharypryornyc) and saw that my beloved Ellie was performing a set at All Saints in Soho.  Promptly found out that sponsor Kanon Organic Vodka was running a ‘lil facebook contest to give away some VIP passes. I entered by writing that “Human” was my favorite Ellie Goulding song. I won.  Amazing. I had a really heavy work load today, so I didn’t get to stay long, but All Saints and Kanon set up a pretty fantastic VIP section. I had one of their specialty lemonade-mint cocktails before deciding that the vodka was just too smooth and delicious to need a mixer.  Finished up with a straight Kanon on the rocks with a squeeze of lemon before running out the door to finish some production work. (while Ellie sang me out)  I received an email minutes after leaving saying I was eligible to snag an autographed cd, but alas, duty called. Here’s hoping that I’ll be fortunate enough to have Kanon sponsor one of my upcoming jewelry events.



Ellie @ All Saints sponsored by Kanon Organic Vodka