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Halloween Treats from Zachary Pryor – hand-painted jewelry just for the season

Just in time for the very best holiday – Zachary Pryor presents you with a complete collection of Halloween inspired earrings, cuffs, and necklaces. click on the highlighted texts to purchase any of the items pictured here.

Two of my favorite worlds in visual media – the classic Hocus Pocus and the newer, but bound-to-be classic Stranger Things. From top left, clockwise – cartoon Hocus Pocus earrings, Will and 11 earrings, Hocus Pocus classic earrings,and the kids are alright Stranger Things charm bracelet or necklace

Or if spooky animals are more your cup of tea – Zachary Pryor has some black cat, bat silhouette, and spectacular raven earrings just for you.

I never want to leave out my Dia de los Muertos friends and fans, so I have a small collection of Day of the Dead beauty cuff, sugar skull earrings, and Dia Girl earrings.

More cinema favorites fit in just perfectly with this magical holiday. Labyrinth, Interview with the Vampire, and the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz all grace the page of Queva Jewelry of Etsy.

Maybe Frankenstein’s monster and his bride are more to your liking. Zachary has those too! Bride earrings, a double sided Bride and monster charm necklace, andMonster earrings can all be purchased!

These babies above are actually my favorite. Creepy Mummy queen Blythe doll earrings, Buffy Mr Pointy earrings, and the comic queen Vampirella all make special appearances.

Finally the Zombies make their appearance. The Marilyn Zombie Cuff and Earrings and the Zombie Elvis Cuff are on the original Zachary Pryor page.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into this special collection. They ship within a day or two of purchase, so they will still make it in time for the most special day of the year. Happy Halloween!


Zachary Pryor Halloween Offerings

Here we have a quick share of the items in my 3 shops that celebrate the greatest Holiday during the greatest season. 

I just know we will see thousands of Wonder Women out there this year. I have been painting her for years and these two are my favorite, earrings with gold leaf and a painted cuff

One of my first creations, the Blythe doll inspired Medusa, perfect if the ancient Gorgon is on your mind for this holiday. PURCHASE HERE.

No Halloween post would be complete without giving a nod to Buffy Summers. I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer the minute the show first aired and my obsession grew and grew. At the time it was airing it was the only show I watched. You can get the Buffy Mr. POINTY pair here and the Buffy and Angel pair here

Another Halloween favorite is the Bride of Frankenstein. I painted her likeness inspired by the classic film with a dark, rich green background, PURCHASE HERE

Feeling spooky animals instead? How about a royal blue black cat silhouette or an orange ombré bat silhouette

Not everyone knows of this gorgeous, dangerous vixen, but they should. This is Vampirella, the comic book anti-hero. Get her HERE.

Finally my etsy shop featuring gemstone, chain, and charm creations both new and upcycled has two gorgeous skull pieces in stock that would look great during this season, even while you aren’t in costume. Click to get the Glitter Skull Tassel earrings or the Rhinestone matte black stone necklace. 

Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!!!





Deeper Meanings 

Spotlight on some noteworthy beauties and the meanings behind them:

Polished Chrysoprase and Gold

Chrysoprase helps to make conscious what is currently unconscious. The stone’s vibrations have a tranquilizing effect that seem to bring damaging subconscious thought to the foreground, where they can be assessed and dealt with properly. The gold and green beauty can be purchased HERE

Orange calcite with brass and gold chains

Doesn’t this orange calcite look good enough to eat? Orange calcite is all about awakening energies inside of us, particularly those that aid in creativity and sexuality. This creamsicle looking baby is available for purchase HERE

Selenite and Silver

I recently wore a piece similar to this on my trip back to New York and San Francisco because I wanted my grandmother close – watching over me. I know that she is always present in my life and in my head, but selenite is said to bring you even closer to the other side and more specifically – to your departed loved ones. Get this Selenite necklace HERE

Glittering gunmetal and silver skull tassel earrings

The beauties above have gunmetal glitter coated skulls. They are howlite underneath and were gifted to me last weekend. Aztecs looked at skulls more as a symbol of rebirth instead of death. Get them HERE.

Raw yellow apatite silver necklace

Yellow Apatite is all about awakening your inner self to achieve success and boost creativity. It rids you of apathy and makes you more optimistic and outgoing. It provides the courage to take risks, and the clarity to know which risks are worth taking. Yellow Apatite is particularly useful in starting new ventures. It supports creative ideas and bringing them into reality, as well as developing the business skills needed to make a living from one’s passions. Get your own HERE.

Cat ear globe necklace with blue quartz and kyanite

I get my hands on these beauties every time I visit Japan. I fill the gold and glass cat ear globes with gemstone chips. This time the chips are blue quartz and kyanite. Kyanite can make you have and remember vivid dreams. Cat ears speak to awakening our animal natures. Get your cat ear globe HERE.

The Aztec Bride

There I go mentioning the Aztecs again. I must look deeper into why they are on my mind at a later date. These glorious, long babies have contrasting hoop shapes that are ever-so flattering. Inside each delicate gold hoop sits an etched blue, green or red patina etched spirograph charm. I was really drawn to these charms because they looked like a more refined version of the little plastic and pen spirograph kits my cousin would get for Christmas and I would covet. Get these beautiful earrings HERE

And those are just a few of my recent creations that I found a deeper meaning with. Stay tuned for more.