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Brighter Days are ahead > the signs are clear

Things have been steadily looking up for some time now. Even my upstairs neighbor and I have finally talked to each other and actually bonded. (She bought me a Stumptown coffee card after her little dog attacked me.  I thought it quite the gift and wished for more dog attacks) 

On an even brighter note – it appears that I am going to Italy for my first time this July. I’ll be doing little promotions here and there to boost sales to help me reach my dream goals. This month is a whopper. 50% off with coupon code: butofcourse

Simply enter that code when checking out on Etsy and you’ll get your half off discount.



The wonderful jewels pictured above can all be found on the Zachary Pryor etsy page. Clockwise starting from the bottom left they are: Caged Unicorn Carousel earrings, Possibilities, heathen, sweet summertime and Thunderbird. You can see all of my favorite beauties and many more on the official Zachary Pryor Etsy page. Go give it a look-see


Zachary’s Official website with new summer & fall jewelry lines & original artwork

My dear friend Kelly Gilbride back in Philadelphia has updated my website with my favorite creations from this year for your summer and fall fashion needs. We’ve added some special flair to the site with ornate frames, a new bio and a brand new section featuring my paintings and wearable art. Check out all of the up-cycled, re-purposed and handmade goods straight from creative guru Zachary Pryor. (that’s me) I have had a great deal of attention on the site from Japan and the UK and hope to reach out to those amazing fashionistas even more with this new update. Take a moment to check it out.

Much love and a Happy Independence Day to you all.


Caged Angels earrings

Van Gato original painting
she could cut a bitch pendant

Won’t you beat my Love Drum?

Yeah, it is pure cheese, but songs that make you move and herald the beginning of what will become the greatest summer in Zachary Pryor history are just irresistable. Though I’m a Cheryl man all the way, Nicola here has put me in a state that can only be described as heavenly bliss with this jam.

dance to the “beat of my drum” by Nicola Roberts


Also, here are some jewels that vibe along with the colorful 80’s funk gorgeousness that is this video.

happy summer everyone.  eat up.