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Day One in Portland brings every element and a new boutique!

Breaking News -Zachary Pryor picked up by a new shop today, this one in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland. (Tilde) En route to my first meeting I took 84 the wrong way, but got to enjoy a bit of the gorge. I was then barraged with snow, rain, hail and sunshine. Insane. But gorgeous. After a successful meeting with Tilde and the incredibly charming owner Debbe Hamada I headed to Redux and Radish Underground to set up meetings for later this week. Expect new Zachary Pryor products in both stores this weekend!  The 3 pieces in my pdx day 1 collage below (including Arianna Fluffington gets a nest) are available now at Tilde. And now…I must get ready to go see Ellie Goulding at the Doug Fir.  woot.  I think.



Crystal Dance Party afternoon complete with ZP Jewelzzzz

So RoBeast got me this sick crystal to hang in my window.  It (along with the 6 others) creates intense rainbow disco-ness every sunny day from 2:30 to 6 pm. Its amazing. We enjoy choice treats and dance our asses off while the crystal light envelops us and keeps us safe from all the horrors of early Spring in New York. Below is a sampling of the “rainbow crystal hours” playlist that has been on heavy rotation, serenading me as I wrap up my final days living in New York. The opener is seriously a favorite -early recording by Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.  Just epic. Enjoy

Crystal Earrings will most likely get you laid.



Rainbow Crystal lightbeams will fix all that ails you.



crystal necklaces can save your life! (check out my sites or email me and find out why)

playlist for this rainy day (AKA spring, bite my ass)

My toes are numb. My ears are hot. (keep talking people) And change is in the air.  Here’s a little playlist for this rainy day here in NYC.  or a regular day playlist for those of you more fortunate out there. I’ve linked a few of my favorite gems.  see if you like, then track down the others by your lonesome.

In addition to this little intro to the bands above, (for those of you who don’t already know them) I also give you a little medicinal glitter and funk in the form of some Spring Zachary Pryor.  enjoy.

(left-right, top-bottom) “Dripping Heart” necklace  and “Octofunk” are both available special order only. Doom and Gloom comes to you from a stormy Moy, County Armagh Northern Ireland. Teal feather earrings available on zp-nyc.

Coffee courtesy Stumptown Coffee in the Ace Hotel, Manhattan. The “Lion Cobra Cameo” and “Gothic Crescent Moon Plate”  are both available online and inside Dalaga.

Ooh -one last thing to cure your malaise. From the above playlist I give you a truly moving, creepifying video to “Beat and the Pulse”  Thoughts?